Women’s History Month Public Art Tour

About This Tour

About This Tour

In recognition of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day (March 8), here’s a self-guided tour of Denver Public Art pieces by and about women. Our collection features original works by many talented sculptors, painters, muralists and designers.

The oldest piece in our collection is by a woman—Elsie Ward Hering’s “The Boy and a Frog” (1898). More recently, we dedicated Valerie Savarie and Ali Khawaja’s “Time is a Friend of the Future, Not an Enemy of the Past” and Maureen Hearty’s “A Life Cycle Story” in 2021.

To learn more about Colorado public art that commemorates women, consider visiting the AZ Foundation.
AZ Foundation

Denver Public Art pieces celebrating Women

  • Susan Cooper, “First Rose”
  • Ed Dwight, “I Have a Dream” (Sojourner Truth and Rosa Parks)
  • Veryl Goodnight, “Cares for Her Brother”
  • Grow Haus, “Get Fresh” mural
  • Thomas Evans, “Portrait of Carla Madison”
  • Emmanuel Martinez, “Tribute to African American and Women Firefighters”
  • Madeline Wiener, “Flower Girl”
  • Keith White and Josh Rogers, “Axum Park” mural

Denver Public Art Pieces by Women or Artist Teams Including Women

(This list is not exhaustive)

Featured (L to R): “Leap of Faith,” “Flower Girl” and “Cares for Her Brother”
    • Alice Aycock, “(Imaginary) Space/Time Tunnels”
    • Judy Baca, “La Memoria de Nuestra Tierra”
    • Trine Bumiller, “Wood, Water, Rock”
    • Sandi Calistro, “Sandi Calistro Mural”
    • Susan Cooper, “Pursuing Perspectives”
    • Gemma Danielle, “City of the Sun”
    • Clara Soanson Dieman, “Pinhorn Fountain”
    • Yvonne Domenge, “Coral Sphere”
    • Joellyn Duesberry, “Red Rocks Park”
    • Gladys Caldwell Fisher, “American Indian Orpheus and the Animals”
    • Girls Inc. “Girls Inc. Colfax Mural”
    • Laura Haddad (& Tom Drugan), “Sun Spot,” “Luminous Wind” and “Iridescent Cloud”
    • Li Hardison, “Martin Luther King, Jr.”
    • Elsie Ward Hering, “The Boy and a Frog”
    • Jill Hadley Hooper, “Floating/Falling”
    • Bonny Lhotka, “Whole Life”
    • Patty Ortiz, “Leap of Faith”
    • Natalie Mauritz and Denver Public Schools, “Columbian Elementary Youth Mural”
    • Andrea Moore, “We Belong”
    • Yvonne Muinde, “The Spirit of Togetherness”
    • Jeanne Quinn, “Sing and Glide”
    • Barbara Jo Revelle, “Colorado Panorama: A People’s History”
    • Shan Shan Sheng, “Swimming Under the Trees” and “Autumn Leaves”
    • Reven Swanson, “Upper Main Street Clothesline”
    • Mabel Landrum Torry, “Wynken, Blynken and Nod”
    • Ann Weber, “Promenade”
    • Catherine Widgery, “Woven Light”
    • Urban Matter, “Blue Print”
    • Lisa Russell, “Community Nature Dance”
    • STUDIOKCA, “Leaf”
    • Olive Moya, “Lean In”
    • Wendy Khawaja, Ali Khawaja, “On the Rise”
    • Nikki Pike, “Rondure”
    • Valerie Savarie, Ali Khawaja, “Time is a Friend of the Future, Not an Enemy of the Past”
    • Maureen Hearty, “A Life Cycle Story”
    • Anna Charney, “Untitled (abstract, biomorphic design)”
    • Aisha R. Brown, Faatma Be One, Holly K. Hurd, Olivia Lucero, Adi Tora, Angelica Jimenez, Toluwanimi Obiwole, A. Koko Sanchez, Jannah Farooque, “The Motherboard”