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  • Title

    Community Nature Dance

  • Artist

    Lisa Cameron Russell

  • Location

    Westwood Park

  • Neighborhood


  • Year


  • Artwork Type

    Public Sculpture

  • Material

    stainless steel, paint

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Great Job!

Checking into this piece earned you 1 point.

Community Nature Dance
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About This Piece

This artwork was created in partnership with Trust for Public Land. Check out the video to see 3D view.

Artist’s Statement:
“Community Nature Dance” highlights the butterfly to both accent the pollinator gardens found on-site and to respect what the butterfly symbolizes around the world; endurance, change hope, and life. Around the waist of the flamenco dancer, the stages of the life of a butterfly are depicted, larva, pupa, and adult. The mariachi also has the stages of the butterfly rendered on his clothing. Music and dance are an expression of culture. By combining these elements in a celebratory way, I worked toward creating a project that reveals the strength of the community. Placed near the park kiosk, to me, the flamenco dancer and mariachi figures dance together in appreciation of park festivities.

Creating public projects for over 20 years, I hope that each one brings as much joy to the community it belongs to as the experience of creating it does for me. I approach public projects by respectfully engaging and accenting the surrounding environment. My goal is to build creative placemaking combining both abstract and realistic elements to engage the largest audience possible. This can be accomplished by referencing historical and timeless features.