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The City of Denver welcomes applications for new murals on private property (excludes interior/exteriors of private residences). Applications for new murals will be reviewed by Denver Arts & Venues (DAV), Public Art Staff for adherence to the policies outlined in Mural Policy, Permitting, and Process. The City does not guarantee that every mural proposal/application will be approved and reserves the right to reject an application for any reason.

Once the required mural application materials are submitted to DAV Public Art department for review, an initial review of the proposal will take place within 30 days of receipt. DAV may request additional materials to supplement the application. The City & County of Denver’s Zoning Administration makes the final determination on all mural applications. Please allow additional review time and submit an application at least two months from the anticipated start date of the proposed project.

Mural Submission FAQs

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The City and County of Denver’s Zoning Department makes the final determination regarding projects like these to ensure the art really is art and not another sign or advertising. Denver Public Art (a division of Denver Arts & Venues) is a reviewing agency. If the project meets our guidelines for a one-of-a-kind work of art, we provide a letter of recommendation to Zoning, and they will issue the final determination.

Interested in creating art on your property, but don’t need a grant from Urban Arts Fund? Denver Public Art serves as a liaison between artists, property owners, Department of Transportation and Infrastructure, and Community Planning and Development. We can help you make sure that your art fits any community guidelines or codes.

Mural Policy, Permitting Process and Criteria

The maintenance of mural projects on private property is the sole responsibility of the property owner. For projects on public property, A&V will make every effort to conserve murals within its means to do so. The artist will be given the first opportunity to restore or repair a mural. At its discretion, the City of Denver reserves the right to abate any mural project in a public space.