Black History Month Public Art Tour

About This Tour

To celebrate Black History Month, we’ve compiled works in the Denver Public Art collection by Black artists and works celebrating Black history. Scroll down below to plan your route on our interactive map.

Denver Public Art pieces by Black Artists 

On this self-guided tour, you’ll find art in many different forms by Black artists. Explore colorful murals, sculptures, abstract paintings and mosaics—many by local artists.

  • Marcus Akinlana “Mile High and Rising”
  • Darrell Anderson, “Construction”
  • Darrell Anderson & Barb McKee “Patterns and Figures – Figures and Patterns”
  • Darrell Anderson, “Workers”
  • Rahmaan Barnes, “World Color Wheel”
  • Nathaniel Bustion, “Inter Spirit of the Created Colorado Vision”
  • Jess Dubois, “Colorado Prints”
  • Ed Dwight, “I Have a Dream”
  • Ed Dwight, “Saco DeBoer”
  • Ed Dwight “Tribute to Bill Smith”
  • Robert Evans, “Portrait of Hiawatha Davis”
  • Thomas Evans, “B-Girl Emerge”
  • Thomas Evans, “Portrait of Carla Madison”
  • Thomas Evans and Anthony Garcia, “Villa Park Mini Mart Mural”
  • Michael Gadlin, “Bluecityjungle”
  • Li Hardison, “Martin Luther King, Jr.”
  • Oyedele Oginga, “The Ensemble”
  • Yvonne Muinde, “The Spirit of Togetherness”
  • Clay Wright, “Continuum”

Denver Public Art works celebrating Black History 

These works celebrate Black History in Denver, Colorado and the West. For instance, Denver’s City Park was the city’s first integrated public golf course, a history celebrated by Douglas Kornfield’s sculpture “Meeting of Minds.”

  • Sam McNeil, “Flower of Knowledge”
  • Stephen Batura, “Lowry Trios”
  • Gary Emrich, “Davis Rec in Motion”
  • Frank Garza, “No Shoes Too Big”
  • Douglas Kornfeld, “Meeting of Minds”
  • Emanuel Martinez, “Confluent People”
  • Emanuel Martinez: “Tribute to African American and Women Firefighters”
  • William Matthews, “Colorado Pioneers: Cowboy”
  • Steven Morath, “Town Where the West Went Wild”
  • Barbara Jo Revelle, “Colorado Panorama: A People’s History”
  • Leo Tanguma, “Children of the World Dream of Peace”
  • Thomas Jay Warren, “African American Spirit of the West”
  • Gina Franco, “Untitled (Marsha P. Johnson)”
  • Jonathan Pucci, “Major Taylor”

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Please note that some buildings may not be open to the public. Want to check the art out in a building that doesn’t allow public access? Please message us at to schedule a tour, or stay tuned for our summer guided tours!