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  • Title

    Portrait of Carla Madison

  • Artist

    Thomas Evans

  • Location

    Carla Madison Recreation Center

  • Neighborhood

    City Park

  • Year


  • Artwork Type

    Acrylic Paintings

  • Material

    acrylic on panel, photocollage

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Great Job!

Checking into this piece earned you 1 point.

Portrait of Carla Madison
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About This Piece

From a City of Denver news release (April 6, 2011):
“Denver City Council lost one of their most vibrant members as District 8 Councilwoman Carla Madison lost her battle with cancer late Tuesday. Madison was elected in June 2007 and known for her bold style and outlook on life. She was passionate about neighborhoods and strengthening the community spirit of her East-Denver district. An ardent environmentalist, Carla was often seen riding around town on her cruiser bike or jetting to Council meetings on her orange scooter, sporting a colorful hat and a warm smile.

In her work as a Councilwoman, she carried on the District 8 community traditions of the Hiawatha Davis Senior Luncheon and the King Trimble Tea. She started her own tradition, hosting an old-fashioned Ice Cream Social in City Park each summer, complete with historic costumes and activities. Adoption of the City’s new zoning code in 2010 was due in large part to her efforts to shepherd the massive overhaul through the political process, while being attuned to the needs of Denver’s business and neighborhood organizations.”

Statement from Denver Mayor Guillermo (Bill) Vidal:
“Carla was a dear friend who always had a warm smile and a kind word to share, and in turn, her positive energy and attitude brought happiness to others. She was a true and tireless champion for the many and diverse issues brought forward by her constituents in Council District 8, as well as a steadfast supporter of city-wide economic development and an outspoken advocate for the arts. Never too busy to take a moment to discuss an issue or a concern, Carla was known for her kind and selfless spirit. Carla will be greatly missed at City Hall but never forgotten in our thoughts. May peace be with her loved ones at this time of their loss.”

Artist’s statement:
“Being able to work on the Carla Madison portrait for her recreation center is a true honor and humbling experience. It was great to be able to meet her husband and sister and learn more about Carla’s adventurous life and colorful personality. After hearing about many of the wonderful things Carla did in her life, I feel even more excited to have the opportunity to showcase that through my work.”