Public Art

Bridging the Community

This brightly colored mural installed on 32 columns and several walls of the 47th and York Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge, Bridging the Community is modeled after Anthony Garcia, Sr.’s continuing goal of bringing communities together in a positive way. The artwork references the residents of the surrounding area by utilizing a vibrant array of colors or “cultures.” The …

Public Art


This 60 foot tall sculpture was the first installation in Denver’s Performing Arts Sculpture Park. The park is the “front door” to the second largest performing arts complex in America. The sculpture is seen against Denver’s new Convention Center. “Dancers” is an artwork created to capture the energy of the complex.


The large-scale, site-specific, public sculptures emphasize relational existence of forms within contexts of material, process, public space, and collaboration. The work is grounded in responding to the environment of the physical site, the abstract geometry of the natural world, and community engagement. Combining cutting edge digital design with custom craftsmanship, DeWitt Godfrey’s process of packing …

Public Art

Blue Print

“Blue Print” is a series of sculptural forms inspired by the industrial past of the River North neighborhood in Denver. Consisting of four sculptures that cast interesting shadows and illuminate interesting patterning, “Blue Print” creates repetition along Brighton Blvd. As the day changes to night, the project begins capturing the movement and activity of all kinds …

Public Art

“Ancient Colorado” mural series

This series of paintings, titled “Ancient Colorado,” can be found at Colorado Convention Center. These evocative landscapes, which are based on geological and fossil evidence, show what Colorado has looked like over the last 300 million years. Artist Jan Vriesen and Denver Museum of Nature & Science paleontologist Kirk Johnson collaborated to produce these scenes …

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