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Bimmer Torres led youth at Denver Inner City Parish through creative workshops and created this mural at College View Community Center.

Public Art

Infinite Span

Suspended by stainless steel cables, a mirror-polished stainless steel diamond floats over the plaza in Grant Frontier Park. Infinite Span is symbolic of the infinite nature of time and the fleeting present moment. “If time is infinite, past and future, then the present moment itself becomes infinitely rare. That we are here, witnessing this moment …

Urban Arts Fund

Viva Colorado

This mural depicts state symbols of Colorado. Artists’ Statement: The mural has a symbolic theme. The design depicts official state symbols of Colorado: the state fish, Greenback Cutthroat Trout; the beautiful Rocky Mountain Columbine, official state flower of Colorado; Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep, the state animal; the state bird, Lark Bunting; the Colorado Blue Spruce, …

Urban Arts Fund

Giant Pacific Octopus

Patrick Maxcy painted a giant octopus for the Ruby Hill Park outdoor pool house. 

Urban Arts Fund

Overland Mural

In 2019, Daniel Chavez continued "Transition," a mural he began in 2018. His vision was to wrap a 200-foot wall with various imagery depicting the history of the Overland neighborhood. 

Urban Arts Fund

Human Beans with Amanda

Three walls are painted on a public bathroom facility at Vanderbilt Park, used mainly by people near the ballfield. The murals are visible from S. Platte River Drive.

Urban Arts Fund

Untitled (colorful mask with beaming eyes, Alliance Française de Denver building)

Martin Lafitte, Executive Director of Alliance Francaise de Denver managed mural project

Urban Arts Fund


Daniel Chavez created “Transition” in 2018 and continued the work with “Overland Mural” in 2019. Artist’s Statement: Transition depicts iconic imagery that bring us back to moments in the neighborhoods pioneering history. It displays old world styling juxtaposed against modern design elements in a bold, Avant Garde approach to composition and storytelling. I have included …

Urban Arts Fund

Evans Bridge Project

Urban Arts Fund

Untitled (abstract figures in city)

Artist’s Statement: “A visual interpretation of the last few years of news. The design may seem exaggerated to some, but it was meant for the people feeling traumatized by recent current events. A colorful sign of strength painted by the community.”

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