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Untitled (geometric colorful design)

Public Art

True West

“True West” by Nick Geurts and Ryan Elmendorf of yetiweurks (Denver, CO) is an 11′ stainless steel, interactive, touch-based sculpture at Green Valley Ranch Town Center Park designed to inspire wonder and collaborative playfulness. This immersive, participatory art is comprised of a larger-than-life overhead compass, with its needle pointing west. Participants will see four stainless …

Public Art

Dual Meridian

“Dual Meridian” pays homage to the architectural heritage of its site by harking back to the grand, vaulted spaces of turn-of-the-century transportation halls and train sheds. On one side, curvilinear train tracks and indigenous Colorado stones reflect an Iron Age sensibility about transportation. The other side, with its concrete landforms and tiled global map projection, …

Public Art

A Different Sense of Time

This is a video presentation of the art program at DEN. It’s a documentary about all of the artists that were commissioned to create artwork at Denver International Airport before it was opened.

Public Art

Tribute to Bill Smith

This bronze sculpture honors the memory and work of William “Bill” Smith, who was the Manager of Public Works for the City and County of Denver during the time that the airport was being built. Born in Telephone, Texas, Bill Smith was a civil engineering graduate of the University of Colorado, and spent 28 years in the Denver …

Public Art

America, Why I Love Her

Located on Level 5 of Denver International Airport, “America, Why I Love Her” was inspired by family road trips from the artist’s childhood. While traveling around the United States, Gary Sweeney was struck by the beauty and grandeur of the land, as well as the truly bizarre monuments and roadside attractions that dot the American landscape. …

Public Art

Train Call

Train Call is a 20-second audio segment comprised of various voice messages and musical elements. It can be heard by while traveling from the concourses of Denver International Airport to Jeppesen Terminal. Train Call will remain in its original form besides the “Mayor’s Message” that will change. 

Public Art

Untitled (Interior Garden)

Concourse C of the Denver International Airport was re-imagined as a garden oasis within the steel and concrete cathedral-like core of the building. The garden encompasses the entire circulation space where passengers enter and exit the airport train connecting the concourse to the main airport terminal. On the lower level, adjacent to the trains, is …

Public Art

Experimental Aviation

In “Experimental Aviation,” 140 airplanes suspended from the ceiling greet travelers as they arrive in Jeppesen Terminal from the train platform. The planes, reminiscent of playful, brightly colored paper airplanes, direct people up the escalators and out into the open space of the terminal’s Great Hall.  This exhibit is being moved to temporary storage due to …

Public Art

Notre Denver

Notre Denver features two cast bronze gargoyles, with one located on the east side and the other on the west side of the baggage-claim areas. The gargoyles, roughly the size of a fifth-grade boy, are seated inside suitcases. Historically, gargoyles were placed on buildings to protect the site. These are placed slightly above the travelers’ …

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