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Roger Kotoske's Untitled
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  • Title

    On The War Trail

  • Artist

    Alexander Phimister Proctor

  • Location

    Civic Center Park

  • Neighborhood

    Civic Center

  • Year


  • Artwork Type

    Monumental Sculpture

  • Material

    bronze, granite, sandstone

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Great Job!

Checking into this piece earned you 1 point.

On The War Trail
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About This Piece

The second of two statues commissioned by renowned sculptor Alexander Phimster Proctor,  “On The War Trail” was presented to the City by Stephan Knight and dedicated in 1922.


The bronze sculpture depicts an American Indian riding bareback on a horse with a spear in his hand.  According to the IAS, models for the male figure were Jackson Sundown (Nez Perce); followed by Gray Eagle (Blackfoot); and finally Eddie Beaver of Browning, Montana.