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Roger Kotoske's Untitled
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  • Title

    Light Chamber

  • Artist

    Dennis Oppenheim

  • Location

    Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse

  • Neighborhood

    Civic Center

  • Year


  • Artwork Type

    Public Sculpture

  • Material

    galvanized steel, polycarbonate rods

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Great Job!

Checking into this piece earned you 1 point.

Light Chamber
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About This Piece

New York-based artist Dennis Oppenheim created a large-scale sculptural installation for the north end of the DaleTooleyPlaza, at the terminus of Tremont and Colfax.  The sculpture’s title, Light Chamber, comes from two sources: the judge’s chambers and light.  Oppenheim was inspired by the people who work in the courts and his concept was to create a sculpture to serve as a chamber or sanctuary for individual reflection on the plaza.  Transparent steel floral petal forms on an architectural scale will create an enclosure like a “quiet room” to be entered and experienced, provoking contemplation and inspiration.