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  • Title

    Juntos / Together

  • Artist

    Tony Ortega

  • Location

    Lakewood / Dry Gulch Park

  • Neighborhood

    West Colfax

  • Year


  • Artwork Type


  • Material


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Great Job!

Checking into this piece earned you 1 point.

Juntos / Together
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About This Piece

"Juntos/Together" is a 6 foot by 17 foot freestanding wall with a mosaic mural on each side. Tony Ortega visited neighborhood schools, senior centers and recreation centers, using their visitors as inspiration, and engaging the community in the creation of this piece. The handset porcelain tile mosaic mural brings a human element to the Lakewood / Dry Gulch Park, depicting groups of people interacting and enjoying the outdoors. Ortega draws from individual slices of life to create artwork centered on family and community-what he considers the two major components of the Latino.