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  • Title

    Crossroads / Encrucijada

  • Artist

    Anthony Garcia, Sr.

  • Location

    6th Avenue and Federal Boulevard

  • Neighborhood

    Sun Valley

  • Year


  • Artwork Type

    Mural Paintings

  • Material

    aerosol paint, acrylic paint, LED Lights, solar panels

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Great Job!

Checking into this piece earned you 1 point.

Crossroads / Encrucijada
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About This Piece

“Crossroads / Encrucijada” marks the intersection of 6th Avenue and Federal Boulevard with four brightly colored monuments, one at each corner. With patterns reminiscent of serapes, each piece also bears bronze sconces with cutout chevron designs lit with solar powered LED lights.

The title of the artwork was deliberate, as was the serape theme. “This installation acts as a “crossroad” or “gateway” into this culturally diverse community area of Barnum, Villa Park, Valverde and Sun Valley,” explains artist Anthony Garcia, Sr. “The free-floating look of the “serape” and meaning incorporates intricate designs which represent how communities are strong and free to express emotions and ideas while still feeling protected. The outer bronze designs represent strength within the community and how a strong forefront protects its people.”

A poem written in relationship to the artwork was read at the dedication on Aug. 23, 2018. Check out the video on Vimeo.