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Roger Kotoske's Untitled
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Roger Kotoske's Untitled
Take Me There Maybe Later
  • Title

    Compassion, Strength & Honor

  • Artist

    Christopher Oar

  • Location

    Denver County Jail

  • Neighborhood

    Central Park

  • Year


  • Artwork Type

    Public Sculpture

  • Material

    mirrored and stainless steel

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Great Job!

Checking into this piece earned you 1 point.

Compassion, Strength & Honor
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About This Piece

Compassion, Strength, & Honor is a sculpture located outside of the Denver County Jail. It includes two representations of the sheriff badge. The upright badge has a mirror-like star, inviting the onlooker to become a part of the work. It also includes 21 rivets symbolizing the 21-gun salute performed at the annual Fallen Officer Memorial honoring fallen deputies. The leaning badge represents our fallen officers. This sculpture combines the past and the future of the Denver Sheriff Department in one piece of art.