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  • Title


  • Artist

    Christopher Lavery

  • Location

    Children's Museum of Denver

  • Neighborhood

    Jefferson Park

  • Year


  • Artwork Type

    Public Sculpture

  • Material

    Cellular Plastic, Corrugated Sheet Metal, Painted Steel, LED Panels, Solar Power System

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Great Job!

Checking into this piece earned you 1 point.

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About This Piece

"Cloudscape" consists of multiple large-scale sculptural objects. Each cloud sculpture is perched on top of a steel tower reminiscent of the oil well towers and utility towers that are scattered across the landscape of rural Colorado. Originally designed for a location along Peña Boulevard near Denver International Airport, the artist, Christopher Lavery, considered that the viewers would initially see the work as they drove by, impacted as they first see the artwork from a distance, allowing time for curiosity and imagination.

At night, the experience shifts as the works are illuminated from within, with colors representative of the Colorado sunrise and sunset. 

Artist's Statement:
I believe that it is part of my responsibility to project an image of Colorado in a positive light. The work "Cloudscape" has been influenced by some factors that make Colorado a place that captures the imagination and how I interpret the phrase "Colorful Colorado." The first influence is the sky. From the first day I spent in Colorado, my imagination was captured by how vast the sky appears. Specifically, clouds seem like objects floating in the sky. The second major factor is the landscape. Colorado has magnificent mountains and vast plains. On the plains, I feel very inspired by the structures people have built to develop farms, harness wind-power, store water and extract oil. Some of these structures are in use, while others hold a place that attests to the history of the people in the landscape. The last factor is the beauty of the sunsets and sunrises that hold the spirit and magic in the phenomena of light. The intense pinks and oranges produced in Colorado skies during these times of day are awe-inspiring and beautiful and I believe that they are responsible for the idea of the state motto: "Colorful Colorado."