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Roger Kotoske's Untitled
Take Me There Maybe Later
  • Title


  • Artist

    Bill Starke

  • Location

    Wellington E. Webb Municipal Building

  • Neighborhood

    Central Business District

  • Year


  • Artwork Type

    Public Sculpture

  • Material

    bronze, steel cable


Great Job!

Checking into this piece earned you 1 point.

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About This Piece

Until 2003, Denver’s various City departments were spread around the City at various locations. This meant doing business with the City was a multi-stop experience.


With this in mind the City selected a location for the new Wellington E. Webb Municipal Office Building adjacent to Civic Center Park. The park was chosen for its unique and important location at the heart of the City’s activities. Around this park are located the cultural houses that inform and promote the life of Denver. The City and County Building houses the Administration of the City, the Central Library houses the intellectual and literary collection of the City and the Denver Art Museum houses the artifacts and artistic collections of the City. These buildings represent how we build the cultural City and the cultural landscape. The addition of the Webb Building to the Civic Center landscape brings together all the agencies that work to build the city and to administer the ordinances that define city life.


The Public Art Program for the Webb Building was based on this set of understandings.


Twelve artists were hired to each do an artwork for one of the floor’s elevator landings. Each artist was asked to create a unique work that represented an important element of Denver and its place on this landscape.


From the bottom to the top the artists are:


#1                                           Darrell Anderson                             “Workers”


#2                                           Sue Quinlan                                        “Antiquities and Revisited”


#3                                           Bonnie Lhotka                                   “Whole Life”


#4                                           Steve Altman                                     “Civic Centerized”


#5                                           Darrell Anderson                             “Construction”


#6                                           Bill Starke                                            “Ascent”


#7                                           Scott Greenig                                    “South Gateway”


#8                                           Nathaniel Bustion                            “Inter Spirit of the

 Created Colorado Vision”


#9                                           Oyedele Oginga                “The Ensemble”


#10                                         Jim Colbert                                         “Civic Center Floating Island”


#11                                         Daniel Salazar                                    “Grand Poobah & the Office Fairy

 Cut Through the Red Tape”


#12                                         Judith Trager                                      “Canyon Walls”