Buell Theatre Exhibition Program and Balcony Music Series – Patrick Marold and Janet Feder

Free Exhibition Opening Reception – 4-6 p.m.
​Janet Feder Buell Theatre Balcony Performance – 5 p.m.

Patrick Marold
Selected Drawings and Sculptures from the Past Decade

PATRICK MAROLD, Colorado resident and Fulbright Fellow, has been working for more than 20 years as an artist. Marold is most widely known for his large-scale works commissioned locally and internationally.

Since earning a BFA in 1997, his artistic development has maintained an intimate connection with the environment and our orientation in it. While his commissioned-based projects typically utilize spatial dynamics, his more intimate studio works and drawings expose a delicate balance between concept and craft, and the embrace of improvisation through his process. Concurrent with this Buell Theatre exhibition of drawings from the past decade, a selection of recent and past works is on display at Goodwin Fine Art in Denver. Diversity in setting, scale and technical realization have equipped him with the skill and interest to apply his vision broadly while preserving a unity of vision. The refinement of his practice has been pursued with a desire to further distill the perception of our surroundings.

The BUELL THEATRE EXHIBITION PROGRAM and BUELL THEATRE BALCONY MUSIC SERIES are funded by Denver Arts & Venues to amplify Denver’s quality of life and economic vitality through premier public venues, and arts and entertainment opportunities. The Buell Theatre Exhibition Program and Buell Theatre Balcony Music Series showcase and support Denver-area artists and musicians, and are curated by Arts & Venues’ Public Art Administrator, Rudi Cerri.