Reven Marie Swanson has been fascinated by how the human figure can be used
to create a powerful expression. Her figures tend to be well-endowed, portraying
substance rather than shallow objects of beauty. Within each figure, she seeks to
develop flowing lines that capture negative space and energy. Each figure is
somewhat autobiographical, and represents a different entity of modern women’s
psychological make-up. Through these figures, she wishes to share and
understand the rapidly evolving relationship of women to their everyday life in our
modern society. She has completed a percent-for-art commission for L
amar Community College and the State of Colorado. Other projects include the City of Fort Collins’ Lincoln Center and Colorado State University Dance Department. Another highlight, the
8-foot marble piece, “The Silly Fool”, was chosen by the citizens of Gunnison and
Grand Junction, Colorado as the “People’s Choice.” Her work has been shown throughout Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, Iowa and North Carolina.
In addition to developing her own artistic career, she has been an assistant to sculptor, Robert Mangold, for fourteen years. She has assisted in the construction
and installation of monumental works for the Museum of Outdoor Arts, Chicago Pier Walk and at the Whitehouse. To view more of her work, visit Artyard Gallery at 1251 S. Pearl Street, Denver, Colorado.