I also raised my daughter alone. Both Cheryl and I survived domestic violence. Actually, while we painted the Children of the World Dream of Peace murals, we talked about our personal experiences. Her will to stand up against interpersonal violence inspired me to do the same. I will always admire her strength and determination for escaping her abusive husband in order to raise her children without the threat of violence. Now, Cheryl is still painting.

As for myself, after the completion of the murals in 1995, I worked for almost ten years at Denver crisis centers as an educator and self-defense instructor. I also taught art in after-school programs. 

The lives of my father, Cheryl, and I are very similar to millions of other Americans; we have struggled within our families, we work hard at our jobs, we make mistakes, we have successes, and we have dreams and aspirations. Our main priorities are our children. We care for our community as demonstrated not only by painting at local schools with students, but also by volunteering at places like the local food bank and community theater.