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The work of artist team Haddad|Drugan is an experimental inquiry into methods of manipulating environmental phenomena in the built environment with a goal of inventing provocative experiences dynamic at different speeds, scales, vantages, and light conditions. Fusing the temporal with the spatial and the conceptual with the functional, their art engages with its context to form a continuously transforming medium of exchange between systems, ideas, and interventions.

Working in the public realm, the artists pursue their interest in using qualities of a place as inspiration for concepts. This creates an aesthetic resonance in the memories, imaginations, and perceptions of viewers. Haddad|Drugan strives to create poetic one-of-a-kind artworks that on one level act as place-making icons but on another are layered with subtler complexities that unfold over multiple viewings.

Haddad|Drugan’s approach to new projects includes investigations and research about a site’s physical, functional, natural, social, and historical aspects. From this they establish a conceptual framework for the art and then develop specific forms and materials appropriate for its expression. The artists operate at the scale of both sculpture and planning and approach the thematic or sequential linking of individual artworks as a form of conceptual art unto itself.